FUE Process


We have demonstrated below what you can expect to experience on the day of your FUE procedure. The technique of FUE extraction and implantation are explained in detail here but below you can see images of a patient undergoing his FUE procedure.


Upon arriving at the clinic there will be a pre-operative consultation with the surgeon where the plan for the procedure will be explained and discussed. Once settled in the operating room the procedure can begin.

Local anaesthetic is first injected into the donor area of the scalp. These injections can cause a slight stinging but this is short lived and the area goes numb very quickly. Most patients relax enough to sleep during the treatment,listen to music or watch TV.


Once numb, the surgeon extracts the grafts using a range of very small motorised needles (0.65mm-0.9mm diameter). This method of selecting individual follicular units allows the surgeon to follow a pattern which leaves the donor area with good density following the procedure.

As soon as each individual follicular unit/graft is extracted, a team of highly trained hair transplantation technicians treat and prepare the grafts for implantation using state of the art microscopes. Unlike many other hair transplantation clinics, we offer the very latest stem cell technology during this stage known as PRP.


During the second stage of the process the balding/recipient area is anaesthetised and numerous micro-incisions are made using a specially shaped micro-needle. The grafts are then implanted inside the recipient sites by hand using high power magnification and specialised microsurgical instruments. This ensures minimal damage to the follicle to ensure maximum yield. The surgeon carefully models the newly designed hairline with the existing shape and angle of hairs and face shape. This is to ensure the results are the most natural possible. With years of experience and many satisfied patients, we pride ourselves on giving you the most natural results achievable.





At 7 – 14 days post-operative the scabs which formed during healing will fall away. At 3 – 8 weeks post-operative some or all of the transplanted hairs will shed (this is part of the process) but the roots remain healthy under the scalp. After a period of 3 to 8 months, the transplanted hairs begin to re-grow. The full result can be seen at 12 – 18 months post-operative. The implanted hairs are indistinguishable from the native hair and will continue to grow throughout your life.

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