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‘Our patients are our priority, our results speak for themselves’

Health Travel International brings the most advanced FUE hair transplantation technology to hair loss patients all across the globe.

We are a UK based company operating from both Manchester and Istanbul. We combine British professionalism with Istanbul’s advanced medical facilities to provide a patient service and cost which is currently unmatched here in the UK.

Our British approach to customer service standards is what sets us apart from our competitors in Istanbul, whilst the standard of medical facilities and expertise we provide is what gives us an advantage over our UK counterparts. We focus on providing a bespoke, personal service where medical standards and care quality are key.

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We provide an all-inclusive service which is tailored to your individual needs and which includes travel, luxury accommodation and support throughout your stay. We make all of the arrangements for you, leaving you to focus on achieving the results you desire.

All of our quotations include:

  • FUE transplantation procedure
  • All pre-operation and post-operation medication and nursing
    (including specially formulated post-hair transplant shampoo and topical lotion)
  • Return flights to Istanbul
  • Private transfers to and from airport, hotel and hospital
  • Post-operative check-up 2/3 days after surgery
  • 3/4 nights’ accommodation in 4* hotel (including full continental breakfast)

Want to bring a companion? Flying long haul? Want to add extra days to explore the city? Just let us know, we will tailor your package to suit your needs and preferences.


Our Hair Transplantation hospital in Istanbul is a modern, luxurious and hi-tech facility which adheres to all international marks for medical standards.

Only the latest technologies and surgical tools are used in the hair transplantation process, whether it’s the most recently developed extraction or incision tools, or specially imported post-operative shampoos and lotions, our surgeons use the best in the field to ensure our patients achieve the best results possible in each case.


Our surgeons are highly experienced having received education and training both in their native Turkey as well as international schools and universities. The surgical team who perform the procedures have a minimum of 6 years hair transplantation experience. Performing FUE surgery day in day out upon patients from all across the globe, their experience is vast and diverse.




At a cost of £7,000 for smaller procedures and up to a staggering £20,000 for larger procedures, for the majority of enquiring patients looking to cover large areas of hair loss, the procedure is beyond their financial reach. For those with a smaller budget, surgeries in countries such as India, Poland and Bulgaria are available however, on the whole, standards in those countries still leave a lot to be desired and unfortunately such patients often end up needing further surgeries to repair the damage caused from those extremely cheap and low standard procedures.



In the UK we like to consider ourselves as being at the forefront of medical technology, however this is not always the case. Quite simply, doctors in Istanbul are on the whole just more experienced in hair transplantation than our doctors here in the UK. While male cosmetic procedures are still fairly taboo in the UK, in Turkey men have been having hair transplants for years meaning there are many more surgeons with an expertise in hair transplantation and constant research is conducted to discover new techniques and improve results.



The demand for quality treatment at a lower cost has shaped the medical tourism industry within the last decade. At the crossroads between East and West, Turkey is fast becoming the centre of the global medical tourism market. With 46 JCI accredited hospitals (the highest number of any country in the world), Turkey’s private medical infrastructure is now a fantastic option for those seeking surgery abroad.



With a flight time of under 4 hours from the UK and with Turkish Airlines flying direct to Istanbul up to 3 times per day from some UK airports, Istanbul is ideally located for a trip of this nature. Metropolitan yet culturally vibrant, Istanbul is an idyllic place for patients and their companions during recuperation.

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